A Mechanical Engineer (Master’s Degree) with 15 years of experience in:
  • Designing Mechanical systems / Mechanisms / Assemblies
  • Automotive industry (Design / Project management)
  • Sheet metal design
  • Metal and Plastic components
  • Prototype fabrication
  • 3D modeling / 2D Drafting with CAD applications (SolidWorks, Solid Edge, CATIA V5, Rhino, AutoCAD, …)
  • Reverse engineering
  • Engineering problem resolving
  • Air pollution control
And familiar with:
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Rapid prototyping
  • FEM /CFD analysis (Fluent, Ansys)
  • Electrical equipments / Hydraulics / Pneumatics

The Wine Chiller / Refrigerator

Just finished a project in Zodiac Aerospace/Monogram Systems. It is a wine chiller and Refrigerator for our customer Embraer (The third biggest aircraft manufacturer).
I am the project engineer and the mechanical designer for all Thermal, Sheet metal, Plastic, Machined parts. It a Thermoelectric refrigerator with this major characteristics:

  • Manual temperature control for wine chiller (50-64 °F - 10-18 °C)
  • Works in -40 to 95 °F (-40 to 35 °C) ambient temperature range.
  • Turns to a warmer in cold ambient temperatures.
  • Infra Red/Ultra Violet filtered windowed door
  • Solid State temperature controls
  • 1.2 cubic ft volume
  • Light weight
  • Appealing touch keypad
  • Air inlet and outlet on the back side
  • Bright white LED lights in the cavity
Here are some pictures:

The Galley Microwave Oven


The main project, I’ve been working on during working for Zodiac Aerospace/Monogram systems:

Detail designing a new microwave oven for AIRBUS Co. including: Sheet metal, Plastic, Metal, and Mechanisms designs.

I work as Senior Mechanical Engineer/Designer, and created all detail drawings for production of the new microwave oven. Also served as Mechanical Eng. In fabrication of three prototypes of this oven.
In addition, I Designed new mechanisms and solved thermal / mechanical problems for other products and performed structural FEM analysis using ANSYS for the Oven.

The Telescopic Pneumatic Mast

I had a chance to work in BICKFORD VEHICLES CO. for a short period. One of the projects I finished there, was reverse-engineering the telescopic pneumatic masts (used for several kinds of trucks), and designing a new mast with a new locking mechanism, to solve some problems that the of previous system had (less maintenance, smooth use and semi-automated locking).
I had to learn Solid Edge software to do the project, spending 1 and half days, I learned it and in 10 days I did the job!

The Truck for Fairfax County Public Schools

One of the projects I had in Bickford Vehicles Co. was to desig mechanical parts of a truck to be made for Fairfax County Public Schools. As you see in the images there are many mechanical (mostly sheet metal, fixings, fasteners) parts designed and ready to be made in the shop. All of the parts are designed using Solid Edge.

The Side Intrusion Test Machine

The system in MIRA

In (IKCO) where I had been working for 9 years, a specific test named "Side Intrusion Test" should be done on each new/modified car body (BIW).
But the company had not had the test machine!
Thus, they had sent the bodies to MIRA Co. (in England) asking Mira to do the test. Obviously the cost of the test was too high. (20000$ for each test + cost of sending the body and ...)
In order to retain the money for my company, I decided to make the test system.
I did all the researches and designed the whole system using:
  • The pictures taken from the MIRA's system
Then, I supervised the construction, assembly and installation.

Complete CAD assembly (Solidworks render)

Bedplate drawing

The system in IKCO

The report of the test system in company's magazine

A short film of the tests done in IKCO

The Electric Motor

These are some pictures of a electric motor of a radiator fan which is used in one of the "KIA Motors" cars. These complete Assembled CAD files are generated using:
  • The electric motor
  • SOLIDWORKS software
  • Different measurement devices
This is done for a company to manufacture the motor using reverse engineering.

Some CAD files

These images are showing some of the CAD files I prepared using
Solidworks and CATIA V5:

A New Car Front Bumper and Air intake grill

IKco. X12 Project Sound insulation (upper)
IKco. X12 Project Sound insulation (lower-right)
IKco. X12 Project floor carpet

IKco. X12 Project front windscreen wipper trim (LH)

IKco. X12 Project front windscreen wipper trim (RH)

Fuel cell bubbler

Tooth implant
Z24 Engine - Connecting rod
Z24 Engine - Crankshaft

The Right-Hand-Drive Samand

There are about 2.5 billion people living in the Right-Hand-Driving countries. So IKCO started to investigate on this market. Thus we in R&D center made 2 prototypes of RHD Samand, which was a perfect experiment and in some countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and India they find some interests and customers.

I was the project manager of one of these prototypes which was Bi-fuel (GAS and CNG). This car was made in less than 1 month and sent for the Pakistan Exhibition.

Also preparing the FS (Feasibility study) documents and negotiating with some Chinese companies were my other roles in that project.

This is a short list of differences of LHD and RHD SAmand that had to be done in that project:

  • Dashboard
  • Glove box
  • Dashbord beam assembly
  • 15 body parts (fire-wall and ...)
  • Steering column
  • Fire wall sound deadening
  • Carpet
  • Front seats
  • Haedliner
  • Door covers
  • Center console
  • Wiper blades and wiper mechanism
  • Gas pedal system
  • Clutch system

SARIR (The Limousine)

The prototype and the first manufactured ones
Inside the prototype

Inside the prototype

The prototype in car exhibition

Samand is a Peugeot-based car and Sarir is the limousine version.
In 2004-2005, there were 7-8 projects in IKCo R&D Center, and one of them was the The Limousine; the best project in that period.
I was one of the most effective
members of the project team, below are my responsibilities:

  • The project coordinator. (A-Z - from making the prototype to launching the assembly line)
  • The executive of "Samand assembly line adaptation to assemble Sarir" project.
  • The project coordinator of the "Workshop retooling" project to assemble BIW of Sarir.
  • An instrumental member in the research team to clarify and resolve Sarir platform weaknesses in passing "Side crash" test.
This film shows the whole process:

body pillar covers
body pillar covers welded by MIG-Brazing method

body side assembly line
The bodyshop

Sarir being assembled in assembly line