The Side Intrusion Test Machine

The system in MIRA

In (IKCO) where I had been working for 9 years, a specific test named "Side Intrusion Test" should be done on each new/modified car body (BIW).
But the company had not had the test machine!
Thus, they had sent the bodies to MIRA Co. (in England) asking Mira to do the test. Obviously the cost of the test was too high. (20000$ for each test + cost of sending the body and ...)
In order to retain the money for my company, I decided to make the test system.
I did all the researches and designed the whole system using:
  • The pictures taken from the MIRA's system
Then, I supervised the construction, assembly and installation.

Complete CAD assembly (Solidworks render)

Bedplate drawing

The system in IKCO

The report of the test system in company's magazine

A short film of the tests done in IKCO

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