The Wine Chiller / Refrigerator

Just finished a project in Zodiac Aerospace/Monogram Systems. It is a wine chiller and Refrigerator for our customer Embraer (The third biggest aircraft manufacturer).
I am the project engineer and the mechanical designer for all Thermal, Sheet metal, Plastic, Machined parts. It a Thermoelectric refrigerator with this major characteristics:

  • Manual temperature control for wine chiller (50-64 °F - 10-18 °C)
  • Works in -40 to 95 °F (-40 to 35 °C) ambient temperature range.
  • Turns to a warmer in cold ambient temperatures.
  • Infra Red/Ultra Violet filtered windowed door
  • Solid State temperature controls
  • 1.2 cubic ft volume
  • Light weight
  • Appealing touch keypad
  • Air inlet and outlet on the back side
  • Bright white LED lights in the cavity
Here are some pictures:

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