SARIR (The Limousine)

The prototype and the first manufactured ones
Inside the prototype

Inside the prototype

The prototype in car exhibition

Samand is a Peugeot-based car and Sarir is the limousine version.
In 2004-2005, there were 7-8 projects in IKCo R&D Center, and one of them was the The Limousine; the best project in that period.
I was one of the most effective
members of the project team, below are my responsibilities:

  • The project coordinator. (A-Z - from making the prototype to launching the assembly line)
  • The executive of "Samand assembly line adaptation to assemble Sarir" project.
  • The project coordinator of the "Workshop retooling" project to assemble BIW of Sarir.
  • An instrumental member in the research team to clarify and resolve Sarir platform weaknesses in passing "Side crash" test.
This film shows the whole process:

body pillar covers
body pillar covers welded by MIG-Brazing method

body side assembly line
The bodyshop

Sarir being assembled in assembly line

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